Is a fast broadband required for online gaming?

By admin on Thursday, April 25, 2013
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Today, a lot of casinos offer a live casino in which you play with a dealer which you can see through a video stream link. As you probably know, live streaming can take up a big part of your bandwidth so you do need a proper internet connection in order to enjoy these games, but how fast does it need to be? The answer depends on what types of games you are playing, and you can find out more information about different games such as blackjack and roulette at or at if you are a Spanish speaker.

Well, if you are still one of the few percent of gamblers that are still on a dial up modem, you should probably avoid the live games as it’s not likely that it will be a very smooth stream, if you can even get the video link to start at all. You need at least a normal DSL connection, preferably a 8Mbps connection to be able to play these games, and the higher your connection speed is, the smoother the game is going to run. If you have a good speed, but you’re on a wireless connection, the quality of the games might depend on how strong the signal to your modem is, but as long as you have a normal connection it should work just fine.

You can look up your connection speed by visiting certain websites that offers this kind of information. The easiest way to do it is to google it and then choose from one of the many options you will find in the search results.

It’s a common mistake to believe that just because you can watch videos online you can also play live casino games, but the fact is that videos posted on for example Youtube are downloaded to your computer and then played. When streaming video, you have a live connection and your computer needs to receive and use a lot of data from the casino in real time.

With todays technology, most computers and internet connections can handle a live casino game, but a few years ago when this was a new phenomena, a lot of people had problems getting the games to work properly. But the industry has caught up and people from around the globe can now enjoy this fantastic new way of gambling online! Find some of the best casino games on the global market by visiting Eurogambler.

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